If a dealer is using an NPA contracted carrier, the average transportation time is 7-10 days.
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An Inter-Facility Transfer is transportation of units between NPA facilities.

If a vehicle is “Subject-To” the high bid did not meet the reserve. NPA will attempt to negotiate a sale between the buyer and seller.

eSale is NPA's online auction platform that provides units for purchase 24/7.

 How-To Purchase & Navigate NPA eSale

If a dealers high bid is within a certain percentage of the reserve but has not met reserve, you will receive a Last Chance Offer via email. Offers are only available on exchanges and are valid until 10pm Pacific standard. If no response is received by then, the unit will be a no sale.

Upon the end time of the auction, the item remains open as needed until there has been 5 minutes of no bid activity. This is only available on exchanges.

Simulcast is NPA's online bidding software.

 How-To Buy on Auction Day

Google Chrome, MacOS Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Currently, our bidding software does not allow for mobile bidding.

Dealers are able to bid online using NPA Simulcast software. If a dealer is unable to bid online during a live auction, Proxy Bids may be placed for units without the dealer being present.

If a dealer is unable to bid during a live auction, Proxy Bids can be placed for live auction units without the dealer being present.

Once logged in to go to "BUY" on top navigation, choose which auction location and click the lane you are interested in. Once you have chosen a unit select “Place Bid“ button. When the page has loaded, fill in the required information and click submit.

 How-To Enter Proxy Bids

Please call NPA Dealer Registration at 858.292.5339 EXT. 5 during business hours and an NPA representative will discuss your account with you.

Condition reports can now be found on the Purchases and Bids page on your account. You can also find your subject-to's, last chance offers, and proxy bids from this page as well.

NPA does not publish auction results after a sale. The NPA Value Guide™ will give you a real-time average price a unit sold for, and dealers can filter search criteria by month, location, and condition breakdown.

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