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Previous Issues

Previous Issues


January 30, 2020

Jim Woodruff Succeeds Cliff Clifford as New CEO

Cliff Clifford is stepping back from day-to-day operations and Chief Operating Officer Jim Woodruff becomes the second CEO in NPA history.

July 12, 2019

Satellite Location & Candidates - Live Auction Communication

Vehicles in Satellite locations are more clearly identifiable within the Live Auction inventory previewing.

Update Sales Fee Info on Website

All sold vehicles are subject to a 7% sale fee with a minimum of $50 and cap of $350 up to a $25,000 sale price. Or, a no sale fee is $80.

Dealer Account Inventory Page – “Redeemed” Explanation

Redeemed units are unregistered for auction, removed from future auction line ups, and ready to be picked up or re-consigned. This definition can be accessed from the Redeemed Units (?) icon on the Inventory page.

Website Navigation Changes

Dropdown menus were removed from the Login, Sell, Value Guide, and Contact homepage navigation bar. Now you can click through directly to a landing page.

NPA Value Guide

June 10, 2019

Value Guide Consign Now Button

When dealers search the value of their vehicle in the VG they can click a Consign Now button to start the process directly from there.

July 10, 2019

Auction Check-Out Automation

Starting 7 days after an invoice, billing, or payoff dealers will get Past-Due notices emailed to them weekly until paid.


June 6, 2019

Counter Offer Ability Seller

Sellers now have the ability to counter a Subject To pending bid in $100 increments ONLINE ONLY. It is a one-time counter.

Dealer Portal Subject-To Page Changes

When a SELLER has a S/T and they choose to counter, sell, or hold their reserve their action will be captured in the vehicle listing so they can reference it later in the day.
When a BUYER has a S/T, they will be notified that the vehicle is "Waiting on Seller Counter Offer" before the buyer can chose to accept or deny.

Notifications on Online Auction Items

  • Sellers will be emailed when an item is listed on eSale and other online platforms.
  • Sellers will be notified 24 hours prior to the item closing.
  • Sellers will be notified when an item closes out.

CR Changes after Proxy Bids are Made

If a Condition Report changes while a Proxy Bid is active, the proxy bidders(s) will be notified by email.

FedEx Payment Tracking

If the 2-day FedEx mail option is selected ($25 fee to dealer), once the check is cut the dealer will find FedEx tracking in their account under "Payoffs."

IFT Notifications

Dealers will be notified by email when an IFT arrives at the designated location so they can set up transport

Scanning In and Out Photos

Dealers that pick up or drop off their own vehicles will notice the operations team taking pictures of their vehicles as they arrive and leave for documentation purposes.

Transportation ETA Updates

All dealers should now be notified when an ETA change occurs for IFTs and outbound transport.