Terms & Conditions

By accessing, reading, and making use of this Website and related pages, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. If you choose not to be bound by these terms and conditions, your only recourse is to discontinue use of the information or services provided by this Website and its related pages.

When you register as a buyer on behalf of you or the company that will use the Website services, you represent and warrant that (a) you are authorized to sign for and bind the registered buyer, (b) the registered buyer's business is authorized to operate as identified on the registration form, and (c) Your registration shall include the most accurate and current information.

This Website is an online auction venue for repossessed recreational vehicles. Our services are only offered to licensed dealers, dismantlers, and wholesalers who can legally perform under applicable laws. Our services are not available to minors. We reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone at any time, including but not limited to bidding, listing, buying etc.

To bid on vehicles, you must be a licensed dealer, dismantler, or wholesaler as required by your state department of transportation or other governing authority. Only individuals or companies with licenses in good standing can bid on vehicles. Despite our verification process, National Powersport Auctions does not guarantee that buyers who claim to be dealers are actually dealers. Any company or individual that chooses to register as a buyer on the Website must submit a copy of their respective state license and business information, which will be held as matter of record.

National Powersport Auctions represents numerous national finance companies that have repossessed units posted on this site. This website acts as a venue for buyers to bid on vehicles. THE MATERIAL, INFORMATION, SERVICES, MERCHANDISE, OR PRODUCTS IN THIS WEBSITE ARE PROVIDED "AS-IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. All vehicles will be sold as-is, where is.

National Powersport Auctions reserves the right to withdraw any unit from any auction, for any reason at any time. We disclaim all warranties, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with regard to any product, merchandise, information or services provided through the Website and its related pages.

In addition, National Powersport Auctions and its consignors shall not be liable for any cost or damage arising to you or any third party either directly or indirectly from any transaction, be it through the Internet or otherwise.

Consignors agree and appoint National Powersport Auctions as attorney in fact to complete all necessary documents, as needed to transfer ownership as required by law.

Registering with and placing bids on the Website is free. Buyers are charged a buyers fee on each lot purchased. Please refer to the buy fee schedule for fees assessed on each unit. The winning bidder will be notified via E-mail and has four options for payment, including 1) Electronic funds transfer or "bank wire", 2) Cashier's Check, 3) Business check with prior approval by National Powersport Auctions, or 4) Cash.

All payments must be received no later than two business days after notification of winning bid. If payment is not received within two working days, the buyer's account will be suspended until re-authorized by NPA.

Most units are sold without reserve, however we do have the right to post a reserve price on any vehicle posted for sale. A reserve price is a hidden price, known only to us and the seller, which is the minimum price required to sell the unit. We reserve the right to refuse a sale or re-post a unit if the buyer is not in good standing or there is a discrepancy in the vehicle's information discovered prior to the sale date.

“As Is” - Everything is sold as is. NPA provides no warrantees or guarantees, either expressed or implied. It is the buyer’s responsibility to independently verify the year, make, model, mileage, condition and title history of the units they are buying. Any information provided by NPA either written or verbal is strictly out of courtesy.

Running Condition – Vehicle condition is determined at the time of its Condition Report. A vehicle may require maintenance or repairs, including maintenance that can arise with the passage of time, that may not be reflected in its condition rating. NPA is not responsible for performing, disclosing or paying for any potential maintenance or repairs.

Batteries – Batteries are rated at the time of a Condition Report for operation of a vehicle only. NPA does not separately test nor maintain vehicle batteries, which are perishable over time. All batteries included with purchased vehicles, including electric vehicles, are sold as is.

Documents – NPA discloses the type of title or legal documentation that will be provided with a vehicle. Buyers are responsible for ensuring that the titles or documentation provided are sufficient for their purposes. NPA is not responsible for providing any other documentation other than what is disclosed. Vehicles with salvage history are the responsibility of the buyer; any salvage history or other title information that may or may not be provided by NPA is strictly out of courtesy.

A bidder using NPA's online bidding system (not Simulcast) has the option to include a start and a maximum amount he or she is willing to bid, in addition to an optional bid increment, on each unit. The site will automatically bid for the bidder against other incoming bids, up to the specified maximum amount and in the increments the bidder presets. At all times a bidder can view the current high bid and the length of time until close of an item, in addition to extensive search capabilities. The site's pages may need to be refreshed to view changes to a unit's time remaining or other bids that have been received.

NPA's eSale site will automatically escalate a bidder's current bid amount as needed to beat competing bids or to meet the reserve price, up to the bidder's maximum bid in effect at that time. Tie bids, should they occur at any time during the bidding process, will be awarded automatically to the bidder with the earliest bid activity. The close time for each unit may be subject to dynamic closing, as stated on the details page for a unit. Dynamic closing, when active, will extend the closing time for a unit as needed until there is 5 minutes of no bidding activity, unless otherwise indicated. This allows all bidders the opportunity to continue bidding if last-minute bids are received and they wish to increase their maximum bid amount.


Sale Price Fee
$- $499 $50
$500 $749 $75
$750 $999 $90
$1,000 $1,999 $110
$2,000 $2,999 $130
$3,000 $3,999 $150
$4,000 $4,999 $175
$5,000 $5,999 $200
$6,000 $7,999 $225
$8,000 $9,999 $255
$10,000 $11,999 $285
$12,000 $13,999 $320
$14,000 $15,999 $355
$16,000 $17,999 $395
$18,000 $19,999 $435
$20,000 $21,999 $475
$22,000 $23,999 $515
$24,000 $29,999 $570
$30,000 $39,999 $725
$40,000 $49,999 $950
$50,000 $74,999 $1,350
$75,000 $99,999 $1,850
$100,000 $999,999 $3,000

An additional $35 processing fee will be applied to simulcast and online exchange purchases.

Any unit that does not sell in auction will be assessed a $80.00 No Sale Fee.

Any item that accrues three No-Sales from the live auctions will be automatically redeemed and charged all applicable re-run and redemption fees.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange transportation of their purchased vehicles and to remove them from our facilities within 5 business days. National Powersport Auctions will assist buyer with transportation contacts and loading, if requested. After 5 days a storage fee of $5.00 per day will be assessed to buyers account.

For buyers who wish to wire transfer funds in payment for vehicles, please direct your bank to transfer the funds to this account:

JP Morgan Chase
1 Chase Plaza
New York, NY 10081

Bank Routing number #021000021
Account # 557781080

For credit to the account of:
Cycle Express LLC, dba National Powersport Auctions

When wire transferring, please add the required transfer fee of $30.00 to the invoice amount.