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macOS Safari


1. Auction Lane View - You will automatically start in Standard view and can change to Mini or Full during the auction.

2. Auction Lanes - All lanes running in the auction are listed here. You can open one or all lanes and bid simultaneously during the auction.

3. Chat Feature - Send a message to the auctioneer.

4. Image and Audio - See the current auction item and scroll through 5 images. Click the Audio icon for sound.

5. Bid Button - Shows the asking bid along with the bid button.

6. Upcoming Auction Units - Displays upcoming auction items. You can add to your watch list and place proxy bids without leaving the bid screen.

7. Auction Stats - This gives you a snapshot view of your purchases, pending items and remaining proxy bids.

8. Bidding Activity - The bidding activity will default to the lane you are listening to. A dropdown is available to select a different lane.

9. Vehicle Information and NPA Score - This lists the necessary information about the current auction item including item #, year, make model, item location, miles, NPA Score, and type of title.

Sample Bid Screen

For more details and information, download the How-To instructions below.

 Download How-To-Bid Instructions

For questions please contact NPA Dealer Support: 888.292.5339 ext. 923308