NPA Value Guide Pro

Value Guide Pro
Value Guide Pro™ is the industry’s most powerful powersport pricing tool ever. Based on 20+ years of market data and historical trends, the proprietary machine learning model recognizes patterns in vehicle pricing behavior based on inputs like seasonality, depreciation, region, mileage, and condition to provide the most accurate estimate wholesale valuation for a powersport vehicle.
  • Uses AI to determine an estimated value, keeping seasonal and market adjustments in mind
  • Find values on up to 20 model years in nearly every major powersport category
  • Proprietary algorithm with regular updates for the most accurate estimation
  • Access to interactive charts and transaction history, even if a value can’t be provided
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Getting the Current Value on Your Powersports Units
Value Guide Pro is the first-ever AI-driven powersport valuation tool to project estimated values for a vehicle, in real-time, based on user input. A value can be generated for vehicles in nearly all major powersports vehicle categories, up to 20 years old, regardless of auction transaction history or volume:
  • Enter VIN or Year, Make, Model with Mileage
    • All major powersports categories and brands
    • 20 years and newer
  • Values Provided are a Current Market Estimate, Not an Average based on auction Transactions
  • Adjust vehicle aspects, condition, and mileage to reflect your vehicles state
    • Vehicles with up to 100,000 miles
    • Units in varying conditions (60+ Score)

AI Machine Learning for More Accurate Valuation
This proprietary algorithm regularly retrains, re-learns and updates valuations based on multiple data sets, auction transactions and additional market factors. The more often it’s used, the more accurate it becomes, giving Value Guide Pro users the most accurate and up-to-date valuation available.

Interactive Charts and
Transaction History Data
Value Guide Pro equips power users with (up to) 2 years of transaction data and a rich, interactive charting interface providing trend level analysis aimed to drive better business decisions. Even if vehicle characteristics fall outside of the model’s parameters (age, condition & mileage) to return a value, Value Guide Pro will chart out and deliver all available auction transactions over the last 24 months.
  • Separate graphs charting out the impact’s seasonality, condition and mileage
  • Fully adjustable time frames and selectable chart points
  • 24-months of transaction history with Images, pricing, regionality and more!

Value Guide Pro is the next evolution of NPA Value Guide system, delivering more accurate information on a wider section of powersports vehicles than ever before. Members can access the industry’s most powerful valuation tool for the low cost of $25 per month. Margin is made in the buy; maximize your dealerships effectiveness and profitability through Value Guide Pro.

Must be an NPA Member to subscribe to the Value Guide Pro tool