NPA Membership

Attention Dealers:

NPA requires dealers to have an annual membership to purchase vehicles. The membership costs $99 a year and will give dealers access to additional tools and services including a more detailed Value Guide, Inventory Valuation tool and the ability to access purchased vehicle photos for your own marketing.
If you are already a registered dealer, your membership will be activated on your registration date with NPA. If you would like access to these products immediately, you can purchase the membership today by clicking the Purchase Membership button below.

Value Guide Pro logo

Value Guide Pro™ is the industry’s most powerful powersport pricing tool ever. Based on 20+ years of market data and historical trends, the proprietary machine learning model recognizes patterns in vehicle pricing behavior based on inputs like seasonality, depreciation, region, mileage, and condition to provide a the most accurate estimate wholesale valuation for a powersport vehicle. Value Guide Pro is the first-ever AI-driven powersport valuation tool to project estimated values for a vehicle, in real-time, based on user input. A value can be generated for vehicles in nearly all major powersports vehicle categories, up to 20 years old, regardless of auction transaction history or volume.

The NPA Value Guide just got better! For years the NPA Value Guide has been the gold standard for dealers valuing trades and sending powersport vehicles to auction. With NPA Value Guide Plus dealers are able to get even more insight into vehicle values, down to the actual vehicle! With over 26,000 models and over 75,000 transactions annually, the NPA Value Guide Plus offers dealers the details they need to accurately project the value of any powersports vehicle.



There’s nothing better than having a vehicle sold before it arrives! With NPA’s Digital Ad Pack, dealers can list their auction purchases on their website the same day they’re purchased. No more waiting weeks for your customers to see your inventory. The Digital Ad Pack comes with everything you need to list your vehicles, including high-res photos (no NPA logo), and a simplified version of the condition report. Take advantage of the Digital Ad Package today. Looking for Digital Ad packages for past purchases? Dealers can download packages from vehicles purchased back to January 1, 2020.

Do you ever wonder what your current pre-owned inventory is worth? Let NPA’s Inventory Value tool do all the heavy lifting for you. Simply export an inventory report from your DMS or website and upload your VINs. The Inventory Value tool will display the current NPA Value (with average miles, condition, number of units) and the NADA Wholesale Book value. The tool also gives dealers the ability to export a .csv file for any additional analysis. This tool is a must-have for any dealership that buys or sells pre-owned powersports.


Guessing in business is never fun, especially when it affects your bottom line. With NPA’s VIN Decode tool, you’ll never have to fear taking a trade-in again! With over 26,000 models of powersport vehicles in our auction database, the VIN Decode tool is a must-have for any dealer that buys or sells pre-owned powersports. If our system detects similar models, it will list all possible matches and the probability of each, giving you the knowledge and power to make the right choice.