Lender and Repossession Services

Did you know there are 2M vehicle transactions that go unfinanced on an annual basis?

Do you want to reduce risk by leveraging data to make better decisions on the front/back end?

Are you looking for an auction that has data driven calculations fueled by thousands of auction transactions?

Or an auction that has thousands of registered powersport, RV and marine dealers to bid on your repossessions?

Since 1990, National Powersport Auctions (NPA) has maintained its position as the leader in powersports auctions and is well known for having the largest inventory of motorcycles, ATVs and personal watercrafts. NPA can provide all the services necessary to efficiently and consistently deliver maximum returns on your inventory through its proven auction process. From transportation, unit valuation, title services, inventory management and custom reporting, NPA can handle all the diverse needs of large financial institutions, OEMs, Credit Unions and Remarketers.

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Matt Amata

VP of RV+Marine

Colleen Baldwin

Business Development Manager

Jenny Haelen

National Lender Accounts


Dedicated Lender Portal

NPA's Lender Portal provides clients with "real time" access to each and every vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your iPad, Tablet or other mobile devices. Current status, detailed condition reports, title specifics, key dates, reporting, tracking and other helpful features are simple and easy to retrieve. The Lender Portal provides unlimited accessibility from assignment through liquidation.

Transportation to Auction

  • National Transportation Rates on Powersport vehicles
  • Proprietary Transport Partners Specializing in Powersport Logistics
  • Leveraging Volume & Historical Partnerships = Reduced Rates!
  • Assignments Moved From Yards, Warehouses, Dealerships, & Storage Locations within 15 days.

The NPA Value Guide™ Provides the Most Current Powersport Vehicle Values

  • Assess Vehicle Valuation With "Real-time" Auction Results
  • Compares NADA with Auction Transactions
  • Information is Updated as the Transaction is Processed
  • 10x the Transactional Data of Any Other Source
  • Values on Over 26,000 Unique Makes & Models

Inspection Process

Industry Standard, Proprietary 100 Pt. Grading System

  • Removes Subjectivity And Guarantees Consistency
  • Inspections Completed Within 2 Business Days Of Arrival

Full Mobile Capabilities Through iPad Interface

  • Allows For Anytime/Anywhere Inspections

Motorcycle Technicians Conducting Vehicle Inspections

  • Rigorous Post-inspection QC Process
  • At Least 16+ Hi-resolution Images Per Vehicle


Repairs & Reconditioning

In-depth Repair Analysis & Recommendations

  • Recommendations Based on 3-to-1 Return Rate
  • Pre And Post-Repair Cost and Return Analysis
  • Based On Historical Auction Values

NPA also can assist in handling all oversized RV & Marine product at any of our locations nationwide.

  • RV & Marine Product Accepted at All NPA Locations
  • Dedicated RV & Marine Specialist at Each Location
  • Ability to Handle Any Size RV or Boat With or Without Trailer
  • Proprietary 100 pt. Condition Report Conducted on Every Unit
  • Full Reconditioning Capabilities

Outdoor Power Equipment

NPA is your resource for selling your aged rentals, lease ends and repossessed OPE inventory including tractors, trailers, light construction equipment, utility trailers and powers.