Digital Ad Package Information


There’s nothing better than having a vehicle sold before it arrives!

With NPA’s Digital Ad Pack, dealers can list their auction purchases on their website the same day they’re purchased. The Digital Ad Pack comes with everything you need to list your vehicles, including high-res photos (no NPA logo), and a simplified version of the condition report. No more waiting weeks for your customers to see your inventory. Take advantage of the Digital Ad Package today. Looking for Digital Ad packages for past purchases? Dealers can download packages from January 1st, 2020.

Digital Ad Vehicle View

Select Auction Purchases

Dealers can quickly preview auction purchases, review pending downloads and re-download already purchased Ad Packs.

Digital Ad Purchase View

Purchase with Ease

The Digital Ad Package platform gives dealers the ability to quickly review and purchase Digital Ad Packages.

Digital Ad Package download

Immediate Access

Dealers have immediate access to the Digital Ad Packages. Once downloaded, the photos and CR summary can be used to notify customers that new inventory is arriving soon!