NPA's Advanced Value Payment Program


  • Qualified dealers will receive an NPA Advance Value Payment™ of up to 75% of a vehicle(s) wholesale value based on the NPA Value Guide™

  • All vehicles and titles must be sent to auction and receive an NPA Condition Report

  • The NPA AVP™ amount is calculated and agreement is sent to dealer for signature

  • Upon acceptance of NPA’s AVP™ agreement, vehicle(s), title(s), and NPA Condition Report, the dealer is paid the NPA AVP™ amount by check or wire (wire fees apply) the same day

  • Once vehicle(s) are auctioned off, the difference between the final auction price and the NPA AVP™ amount, less any applicable fees, will be remitted to the dealer

  • Dealers must submit a consignment form in order to qualify your powersports

For more information please contact Mike Murray at 858.413.1629 or by email at

All NPA AVP™ amounts are subject to approval and based on conservative auction values. A 1.9% fee will be charged based upon the NPA AVP™ amount in addition to any applicable auction fees. All vehicle(s) must have clean titles with no odometer issues, lemon law, or other deficient title brands. Vehicles must sell within 60 days. If unit has not sold within 60 days the dealer can take the unit(s) back upon payment of the NPA AVP™ amount and the 1.9% fee or pay the 1.9% fee and rerun the unit(s) for another 60 days if agreed upon by NPA.