Profits Begin Here - Registering with us is easy! Here is the process:

1. Download the dealer registration packet by clicking on the link below:
   a. For U.S. based dealers: Download here
   b. For International dealers: Download here

2. Complete the application and return it to our dealer registration department by faxing to 858.513.1566 or email to
   a. Registration applications need to accompanied by all required state licensing listed on page 1 of registration packet. Please call Dealer Registration at 888.292.5339, ext. 5 with any questions about licensing requirements.

3. We will notify you when your application has been processed. At this point, you will have access to attend our auctions.

4. If you would like to hear from an NPA Representative before completing your application, please submit the contact information sheet below. A representative will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

All dealers are welcome, including motorcycle, watercraft, RV, automotive, and export dealers.

Please fax a COPY of the following items with your dealer registration:
1) State Motor Vehicle Dealer License
2) Business License
3) Resale Number
4) Federal Tax I.D. Number
5) Surety Dealer Bond
6) Copy of DMV driver's license
7) Complete W-9

Step 1: Tell us about your dealership

*Dealership Name:
*Contact Name:
*Street 1:
Street 2:
*Zip / Postal Code:
*Business Phone:
Additional Comments:
I certify the above information and its accuracy
PLEASE NOTE: If someone other than the owner will be representing your dealership at the auction, please read about Authorizing Agents.

All Dealers Must Accept Our Terms & Conditions.

Note that by pressing submit, you certify that the information provided here is true and correct.

For questions regarding Dealer Registration, please call 888-292-5339, extension 5.

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